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Video Conferencing Scheduling Checklist

Information Needed to Schedule a Video Conference

Before making a reservation, please have the following information ready:

1Date of video conference
2Leader name, e-mail, and phone number
3Name and phone number of person requesting conference
4Name of conference (optional)
5Start and end times (note time zones)
6Access type (Dial Out or Meet Me)
7Service level (Premier or Standard)
8Host site and remote sites:
   - Name of company
   - State abbreviation, city, building, room name, or both
   - Type of equipment (optional)
9Last four digits of your video phone numbers
10Any specific options (voice activation, continuous presence, roll call, etc.
11Any specific features (video meeting manager, transcoding, etc.)
12Determine if the host site will incur the entire cost of the conference call or if the cost of the call will be individually billed to each site
13Determine if you need an audio add-on for any participants who do not have video equipment
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