WebEx Plug-Ins (T28.12.20 – published September 2014)

To download the WebEx Player or Network Recording Player, click one of the following links:
  for .ARF for .WRF for .WOT

Download (14MB) Download (Recorder+Player, 5MB) Download (2MB)

Mac OS X (Intel)
Download (8MB) Download (Player only, 2MB) N/A
  User's Guide (PDF) User's Guide (PDF) N/A

WebEx Recorder

Unlike the integrated Recorder, which is available only in the Meeting window, the standalone version of Recorder is available offline—that is, outside of a meeting. Thus, you can record applications or your computer's desktop at any time to create software demonstrations, training, and so on.

To download the WebEx Recorder and Player for WebEx Recording Format (.wrf) files, click one of the following links.
  for .WRF
Windows XP+ Download (Recorder+Player, 5MB)
  User's Guide (PDF)

WebEx Recording Editor

You can use WebEx Recording Editor to edit any recording (.wrf) that was made using WebEx Recorder. The system requirements for WebEx Recording Editor are the same as those for WebEx Recorder and Player.

  for .WRF
Windows XP+ Download (Recorder+Player, 5MB)
  User's Guide (PDF)

Streaming Recordings on Your Web Site

A Webmaster can publish a recording on a Web site, allowing anyone to play it over the Internet. To publish a recording for playback over the Internet, go to the the Create a URL for a Recording page.NOTE: Go to the Downloads section of your WebEx site to access this feature. It is listed under the Recorder and Players section.

For detailed instructions on publishing WebEx recordings on your Web site, refer to the guide Streaming Recordings on Your Web Site (PDF).

Third Party Licenses

These Cisco WebEx products may include certain free/open source software. The license terms for such free/open source software and information on obtaining access to the source code to which you are entitled under the applicable free/open source license(s) (such as the GNU Lesser/General Public License) are available to you at http://www.webex.com/legal/license.html. If you have any questions regarding this link or the information regarding free/open source software, please contact us at opensource-requests@webex.com

WebEx Connect
WebEx Connect provides tools your team can use to work closely together - all in one place. Share files and group discussions amongst your team, send secure instant messages or quickly shift to video or voice chats or 1-1 desktop sharing. WebEx Connect integrates with Microsoft Outlook corporate directories and calendars and offers the ability to launch WebEx meetings with one click of a button.