This page provides links to self-paced tutorials for your Conferencing Services. Each module is between 3-4 minutes in length.

To view the Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Trainings you will be prompted to create a login and password to access the tutorials.
  • What’s New In WebEx CCA – This tutorial provides an introduction to all of the new components of your WebEx CCA service.

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    Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Tutorials

    • Getting Started: These tutorials explain the basic tasks required to get up and running with WebEx Meeting Center.
      • Productivity Tools
      • Setting Up WebEx Preferences
      • Schedule a WebEx Meeting in Microsoft® Outlook®
      • Using the WebEx Quick Scheduler
    • WebEx Presenter Basics: These tutorials explain the basics of hosting a WebEx meeting.
      • WebEx Presenter Basics
      • WebEx Intermediate Presenter Tools
    • Recording a WebEx Meeting: This tutorial explains how to record a WebEx meeting including how the meeting host can locate, modify, and distribute WebEx recordings.
    • Additional Site Features: These tutorials explain additional options that are available on the WebEx site.
      • Accessing WebEx Reports
      • Using the WebEx Advanced Scheduler including meeting Registration options
      • Using WebEx Meeting Templates
    • WebEx Advanced Meeting Tools: This tutorial explains many of the collaborative and interactive features that are available during WebEx meetings.
    • Scheduling for Others: This tutorial explains how to schedule WebEx meetings for others (executives, colleagues, etc). The intended audience for this tutorial is Administrative Assistants or anyone who schedules web meetings on behalf of someone.
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